The Hastings Podcast – A message on Behalf of the Grade 7 Students!

Hi! I’m Avery, grade 7 student at Hastings and co-founder of the Hastings Podcast.
I started the podcast with my friends Lillian and Nasja, also in grade 7. We wanted to both give some students at Hastings a chance to share some things about them personally and about things that go on the school. We also thought the parents would appreciate an inside look at things that are going on in Hastings right now, because of the Covid restrictions and also because of course they can’t follow us around all day. (Although I know my moms would probably love to)

So far, we have three podcasts out. The first is on slang; slang words that kids use that parents might not understand. The second was released in February and is about how the students we interviewed spent their winter breaks. (Spoiler alert: nobody went anywhere!) And the most recent one is about wether students prefer cats or dogs—a very controversial topic in elementary school!

Please check out our podcast on Teams or wherever you get your podcasts! (But actually just Teams). Click on the link below, sign into Teams, and it will take you to the episode.

Episode 1 – Slang Words
Episode 2 – Winter Break
Episode 3 – Cats & Dogs