Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Monday, June 27th

We are so fortunate to have fabulous teachers and staff at our school! Help the PAC say thank you to them as the year draws to a close. Bring a breakfast item for staff to share. Drop off baking, fruit, cheese, or other yummy treats anytime between 8:30-9:30am. The PAC will be providing coffee from Laughing Bean.

Please label the food item and any dishes or utensils you bring in, and pick up at the end of the day or next morning. Thank you!

Speaker Series: Self-Regulation

May 17th – Self-regulation speaker Trent Doiron – part 1

June 1st – Self-regulation speaker Trent Doiron – part 2

June 15th – Self-regulation speaker Trent Doiron – part 3

7:00-8:30pm via ZOOM

Self-regulation is the ability to manage our thoughts, behavior, and energy to achieve the best outcomes possible in the moment. A person’s self-regulation is influenced by external factors such as their environment and interactions with others. Parents can help their children by learning to co-regulate. Often parents are used to having to manage the outcome of a strong reaction from their child after it occurs. Co-regulating enables parents to use proactive planning to impact a favourable environment before a “situation” potentially occurs. It is far easier to manage energy than it is to manage behaviour.

The Hastings PAC is delighted to introduce our next three-part webinar series on Self-Regulation – what it means and how parents and caregivers can learn co-regulation strategies that can help our children and ourselves. Trent Doiron will be presenting this series and is specialized in self-regulation. Trent is a Youth & Family Worker at Tillicum Community Annex and has been supporting kids in schools with their social-emotional growth and school readiness for nearly 30 years. He has provided training to parents and educators in trauma-informed practice, play-skill development, proactive behaviour interventions, and more.

The content and strategies covered in this series are designed to be applicable to children of all ages, youth and adults. The following is an outline of each session with dates to add to your calendar:

Tuesday, May 17th 7:00-8:30pm
Session 1 – Self-regulation – Explaining the Basics

In this session Trent will discuss the basics of self-regulation and what it looks like, as well as explain why and how it is easier to manage energy than it is to manage behaviour. He will talk us through co-regulation and how it works and why it works, and give us some easy tips for helping ourselves and our kids to stay well regulated.

Wednesday, June 1st 7:00-8:30pm
Session 2 – Self-regulation – The Five Domains

Using the model of Canada’s own expert Dr Stuart Shanker, Trent will introduce us to the biological, emotional, cognitive, social and pro-social aspects to self-regulation. He will explain how this model is a powerful method for understanding stress and managing energy flow, and demonstrate how parents and teachers can better understand children’s stress and enhance self-regulation.

Wednesday, June 15st 7:00-8:30pm
Session 3 – Self-regulation – Adding Tools to the Toolbox

This will be a working session in which Trent will interact with participants to problem-solve together. He will provide self regulation examples with practical tips to affect outcomes. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to bring along questions, challenges, or scenarios that Trent can help to problem-solve with applied strategies.

Book your tickets! Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite 

Tickets are available for reservation by donation, starting at $1. For planning purposes it helps us to have registrations in advance. We are grateful for any donations to assist us with the cost of the speaker. Please pay what you can afford – thank you!

All registrants are invited to submit any questions or topics that you would like to see included as part of the session. Please email with your questions.

Volunteers very much needed for School Streets!

Please consider taking ONE shift (45-min only) either morning or afternoon.

This is a friendly reminder that beginning Monday, May 9, 2022, the school will be re-launching the School Streets program for a four-week period to help improve safety and encourage active travel to and from our school. A School Street is a car-free block adjacent to a school open to walking, biking and rolling during school pick-up and drop-off times.

The School Streets program information is as follows:

Monday, May 9, 2022, through to Friday, June 3, 2022, on all school days.

Franklin Street between Penticton Street and Slocan Street (see School Street diagram attached)

8:40 – 9:10am & 2:50 – 3:20pm

Volunteers are very much needed!

Parent volunteers are key to making this program a success. Volunteer shifts are 45 minutes long and involve setting up, monitoring and taking down the School Street barriers to ensure safety on the street. Shifts are available in the morning and afternoon every school day.  Just one shift will make a world a difference if everyone pitches in!  Training materials will be sent to all volunteers.

This year, we’re including a small thank you for those volunteers in the form of a coffee and snack from the Laughing Bean Coffee Co. The sign-up form can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have questions about volunteering, please e-mail Thea Wilson, our School Street Volunteer Coordinator, at

Speaker Series: Online Safety

The Uncomfortable Topic of Children and Online Pornography: Why You Shouldn’t Wait until High School to Talk About It

Wednesday, April 13th from 7:00 – 8: 30pm via Zoom

The PAC welcomes back Merlyn Horton in our third and final part of this online safety speaker series.

Curiosity about sexuality is a natural and normal part of your child’s development. However, with any reasonable access to the internet, their curiosity can expose them to extreme images and profoundly influence their sexual development. There are online sites available that can offer excellent information to children and youth, but only if we steer them in the right direction and openly talk with them about the effects of online pornography. 

We are delighted to announce that this webinar has been paid for in fully by an anonymous donor, so attendance is FREE for all parents that would like to participate.

Indigenous Hastings Graduate Bursary

The PAC is launching a new bursary fund for Indigenous Hastings graduates!

You are invited to make a donation to the fund by donating to the Hastings PAC at events (cash or cheque), or through School Cash Online. Just select fund destination ‘E-Hastings PAC’, (NOT E-Hastings), and add the note ‘Indigenous Bursary’ in the message section to specify the funds are to be used for that purpose. For online donations you will receive a tax receipt.

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Poinsettias (Red, White or Pink) – $12 each

Decorate your home or office, or give these festive potted flowers as a gift!  They are a lovely size at 16” x 16” planted in a 6” pot. All money raised will go towards school technology upgrades. 

Order Deadline: Wednesday, December 8th

Pick Up: Thursday, December 9th, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Further information on pick up location (either at the school or near the school) will be provided closer to the day. 

There are a couple ways you can place your order: 

  1. VSB SCHOOL CASH ONLINELog in to your account. Choose from the three options listed (pink, white, red) and add to your shopping cart. To help the PAC keep track of the orders, please email to let us know you placed your order online. You could either forward your VSB receipt, or confirm what you ordered in a simple email – or you could fill out the order form (1.2MB pdf) and scan/snap and email it to us or drop off at the school office – whatever is easiest for you. 
  2. ORDER FORM + CHEQUE OR CASH – If you would prefer to place your order using a cheque or cash as payment, please complete the order form and drop it off at the school office.

Thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser!

Hastings Anti-Racism Committee

The next HARC meeting is Wednesday, November 3rd from 7-8pm on Zoom.

The Hastings Anti-racism Committee (HARC) is a sub-committee of the Hastings PAC. We are committed to playing a role in creating a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment at the school. All Hastings parents, guardians, and school staff are welcome to attend every meeting. We welcome you to share ideas about what kind of anti-racism work we can engage in together for this school year!

Zoom link:

Keefer Yard x Hastings PAC

Now through October 31st, 2021

We are so excited to be teaming up with the awesome folks at The Keefer Yard for an amazing fundraising opportunity! For the next couple of weeks, play a round of mini-golf and donate to the Hastings PAC. Gather a few friends, enjoy a night out, and support your child’s school!

Because of COVID, fundraising abilities have been limited, so the Hastings PAC hasn’t been able to fund as much as previous school years.

One area adversely affected is classroom supplies, which, up until this year, the PAC has been able to fund a portion for each teacher. Money donated through The Keefer Yard will allow the Hastings PAC to support its teachers again for the 2021/22 school year with this classroom supply allowance, enabling them to purchase teaching tools, art supplies, math manipulatives, and other compliments to help support learning.

A huge thank you to The Keefer Yard on behalf of the Hastings Parent Advisory Council for their amazing community support!