Speaker Series Volume 2

Gaming: The Good, The Bad and The Lonely

Thursday, December 2nd, 7:00-8:30 pm via Zoom

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The PAC welcomes back Merlyn Horton in Part Two of this three part Speaker Series on Online Safety.

Are you worried that your child is spending too much time gaming?
Does it seem like they are not happy doing anything else?
Are they more upset after they game, than before?
Do you really know who they are talking to on that headset?
What is being spoken about? 

Gaming is a big part of most children’s live, actually part of all our lives!  From grocery store rewards cards to global scavenger hunts, our lives are becoming ‘gamified’. Games are used to develop skills and train professionals. It’s important to appreciate games and gaming before we acknowledge the risks and concerns.

This webinar will talk about gaming; pro-social and education uses of gaming, concerns about excessive gaming (and how to remedy it) and exposure to inappropriate content in-game and online (and how to remedy it).

Following the webinar, participants will get a link to a webpage with links to follow up and learn more about gaming, it’s role in children’s lives and futures, and how to best guide your child to making life-long, positive gaming choices.

Tickets are available by donation, starting at $1. For planning purposes it helps us to have registrations in advance. We are grateful for any donations to assist us with the cost of the speaker. Please pay what you can afford – thank you!

All registrants are invited to submit any questions or topics that you would like to see included as part of the session. Please email info@hastingspac.ca with your questions.

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